Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that our GOLDENBALLS have just dropped!

If you thought our Bushwhackers were the nads, then you’ll need to go nuts-out to fondle our latest and greatest colab. Released as part of the Sneaker Freaker tenth anniversary celebrations, we put our hanging brain to work and came up with this luscious interpretation of the Supra Skytop III. Resplendent in our own custom ‘goldenball’ suede, the low-hanging upper perches pretty on a crunchy concrete speckled midsole. Topped with waxy string laces, black side-fins, a commemorative ten-year insole plus some pink bits for extra purchase on your plums, these GOLDENBALLS are mighty juicy and damn hard to lick.

Here’s the bad news. Just a few dozen hairy pairs of the GOLDENBALLS are available to guests at the Supra x Sneaker Freaker soirée in Berlin tonight. Yep, this is one of those freaking annoying party-only giveaways that you’ll probably never see in real life and will go ‘straight to the ballroom’.

Hang on just a wrinkly walnut… there’s a ray of hope for you yet! We have kept one pair of these nuggets to give away to our audience next week. That means you. Stand by for details!

Special thanks to Cory Long, Matt and Axel @ Supra for manhandling our GOLDENBALLS in record time and look out for more highlights from our 10-year party in Berlin… just as soon as we recover.

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