Meze Ebony Headphones

With these Meze headphones, we are not talking ebony as in the little black keys on a piano. Rather, the ear cups on these luxe-looking devices are made from the dark, chocolaty ebony tree native to tropic regions. Touted as audiophile quality, they certainly look to be in the upper echelon of the headphones pantheon.

Prices on the three available models range from $140 to $290, which seems reasonable considering the varnished fanciness they present to the world. Plus, each model has something to recommend it aside from the “natural sound” afforded by the wooden housing (the 55 model is foldable, while the 88s feature suspension backed head mounts). We also like the way the cord plugs directly into the headphones and can be stored separately. Is it tacky to wish that the cord had a little mic for cell phone calls?

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