Casio G-Shock – Solar Military Green Collection

For the month of April, Casio will be including the new Solar Military Green Collection to its plethora of G-Shock watches. A reference to the stringent standards of military specification, the capsule collection offers 4 models – the GR7900KG-3, G5600KG-3, G6900KG-3, and AWGM500KG-3, follow by GXW56KG-3 on a latter release date. Each not only shares the same matte olive green colorway, but the same rugged toughness and durability G-Shock is known for. The collection features a proprietary resin encasement that is weatherproof, water resistant up to 200-meter, world time with 48 cities and UTC, multiple alarms plus snooze, 1/100th second stopwatch, countdown timer, and much more. In addition, each timepiece includes Casio’s Tough Solar technology, where by the watch can be recharge through any light source, artificial or natural. Plus, automatic time calibration via Multi-Band 5 or 6, thus ensuring you have the right “time” everywhere, every time. The Casio G-Shock Solar Military Green Collection (aka Army Green) will be available starting end of March at all G-Shock retailers across the U.S.

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