Chrome Yalta Series Bags

Maybe not the most fashionable backpack you’ll see this year, but undoubtedly one of the most rugged. Chrome has always been a front-runner where durability and wear-ability are concerned—this happens when you spend over 15 years making sought-after bags for bike messengers—but we too often associate their wares with those undoubtedly functional but rather unsightly seat-belt buckle clasps on the ubiquitous shoulder bags.

This Yalta bag, however, keeps it nice and simple. While not as minimal as Outlier’s recent entry in the roll-top backpack field, the Yalta has the advantage of four colorways (as opposed to Outlier’s white-only). Jungle—happily not a cammo print; just a nice olive green—Asphalt and Snow are nice monochromatic entries. The 3M Night, meanwhile, is black with a reflective front panel, which is eminently useful while outrunning cars on a bicycle. Make no mistake, these bags are tech (waterproof; built in laptop sleeve; EVA foam back panel; sternum strap … ) but with most of the tech hidden away, they are in crossover territory.

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