Manny Pacquiao X Nike – Holiday 2011 Collection

He might be the “People’s Champ”. He might have eight-division world championship titles as proof that he’s the world’s boxer. And he’s got enough concert appearances in Las Vegas to have a theater named after him. But comes November 12th, all that may change when Manny Pacquiao goes head-to-head with Mexico’s Juan Manuel Márquez for the WBO World Welterweight Title. After a draw on their first match-up back in 2004 and a win for Pacquiao after their second bout in 2008, Márquez is confident this third fight between both men will be the charm, for him. Still, Márquez not only will face Pacquiao’s south paw in the ring. He will need to deal to a ravenous crowd hungry for his demise, all wearing the latest Manny Pacquiao ware by Nike.

The holiday season comes early for Pacquiao fans as Nike begins to offer the new Manny Pacquiao x Nike – Holiday 2011 Collection. Select from eight graphic tees, Nike Dri-FITs designed with different mantras in mind. There is also a pair of training shorts, the Nike Rivalry Manny Pacquiao Jacket embroidered with the fighter’s logo, and Nike Air TR 1.3 Max Breathe MP Shoe in colors of Philippines, Pacquiao’s homeland. All is now available at select Nike retailers across the globe.


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