Wings + Horns X Porter Pouch

Call it a fanny pack, but the oft-ridiculed waist bag has been resurrected, becoming arguably the break-out accessory of the past few years – and if you’re not hip to it, chances are you’re probably not in Japan. The key player in the “funny bag” comeback has been Porter, a cornerstone of the luggage, bag, and accessory segment, respected as much for it’s own decades-strong reputation as for the endless collaborations with heavy hitters and new stars – pieces done with White Mountaineering, mastermind, and ISAORA, to name just a few from recent seasons. The latest to join the hit parade is this pouch done with wings + horns. As with all of these joint ventures, the best results are when Porter keeps the strong points of collaborator intact – which is certainly the case here. Fans of W+H will note the textured heather that has earned the Vancouver-based brand such a solid following. Porter, of course, brings all of it’s hard-earned bag know how to bear: the perfect number of pockets, both outside and in, tasteful branding, and a serious pop of color on the interior. Check out the solid execution of the piece after the jump, and see Beams for ordering details.

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