Jack Spade X Coca-Cola – 125th Anniversary Collection

Jack Spade is celebrating Coca-Cola‘s 125th anniversary in style, with a limited-edition collection that celebrates Coke’s most memorable advertising slogans. Accessories include a vintage baseball cap in Coke’s signature red shade emblazoned with the interlocking Cs originally featured in Coca-Cola merchandise from the 1910s, as well as an iPhone 4 cover adorned with both the Coca-Cola and Jack Spade logos. One of Jack Spade’s most popular totes, the Coal Bag, is colored in red and white and bears the line “It’s the Real Thing.” A series of T-shirts and posters similarly feature memorable Coca-Cola campaign slogans throughout the years. Finally, an assortment of black cotton canvas totes are dressed with artwork depicting food items like a hot dog, hamburger and pretzel, symbolizing Coca-Cola’s status as the ultimate all-American refreshment, and a nod to the slogan “Things Go Better With Coke.” The collection is available now at Jack Spade stores and online.

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