Patta x KangaROOS Boots Fall/Winter 2011

This Fall/Winter 2011 season, the Patta and KangaROOS co-branded collection makes its debut. When we first heard about it, we were rather skeptical, we have to admit. While we always do trust the judgement of Patta, we cannot say that we stand behind much of the current KangaROOS revival. When looking through the collections recently, we come across a mix of classics and interpretations of whatever is hot in the market at the moment, which did not seem true to the brand, nor appealing in terms of quality or style.

Not paying too much attention to the heritage of the brand, Patta presents this season the K2 and Woodhollow boots. While integrating trademark KangaROOS features, such as the pocket, Patta managed to build two premium boots, featuring quality leathers and Cordura nylon on the upper in solid colors. The outcome are two modern outdoor boots in classic colors, yet with some nice color accents. They managed the unexpected and the result we certainly find appealing. To further add to the message of the pack, Patta produced a Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife to come along with each boot.

Patta and KangaROOS have a 3 year contract – let’s see what else this partnership will come up with. We are not sure it will make KangaROOS a more appealing brand again by itself, but we are 100% sure that Patta will be selling out these boots in no time.


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