Supra Douglas Boot & Skyboot for Fall 2011

For Fall 2011 Supra goes above and beyond the original Henry boot, with a more rugged, outdoor-focused offering. Take the Douglas (front) which features tough metal eyelets, woven rope laces and heavy-gauge stitching with waterproof uppers and neoprene lining, meaning they’re both comfy, easy to pull on and off, and keep you dry.

Second up to bat (the back 5) is the Skyboot, a piece of footwear that takes the highly-recognizable Skytop silo and mates it with a heavy-duty lug outsole (and moccasin style stitching) to give birth to a weather-ready outdoor stomper. The addition of raw leather laces finishes the look, further enunciating the traditional boot lineage they’ve attempted to harness.

And yes, Muska fans, the “stash pocket” remains intact.


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