Classic Style Headphones By “UrbanEars”

The Plattan Headphones
Designed to be “the perfect classic headphone,” The Plattan combines innovative functions and performance with today’s technology. A full-size headphone that allows full, rich, secluded and clear volume, sound and thumping bass (112dB, 20kHz), The Plattan furthermore folds down to the size of a fist for maximum mobility and convenience. Featuring Urbanears’ patented Zound Plug, invite a pal to plug in and thrash along to your.

• Microphone and remote compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia and most other devices;
• 40 mm Handmade driver unit;
• Frequency response: 20-20kHz;
• Impedance: 32 ohms;
• Sensitivity: 112dB;
• Max input power: 40mW;
• 47″ Fabric cord;
• 3.5 mm Stereo plug.
• Zound Plug
• Hinge construction allows the headphone to fold down to a fraction of its size.

By Urbanears URBANEARS


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