Stupid Govornater – Higher Car Registration

Where the heck does he get off jacking up car registration? Being the govorner you would think he knows how to budget the state money right! I just got our car registration and it went up just about doubled. This really make’s me irk. Let me run the state budget and the tax will go down ……


One response to “Stupid Govornater – Higher Car Registration

  1. That might be interesting. California faces a budget shortfall of $41 billion over the next 18 months. The state is essentially out of cash now.,8599,1870299,00.html

    Hey, I know no one likes paying higher taxes or fees. But conservative fiscal management demands that California not make its budget deficit worse by cutting taxes under these conditions.

    So, in order to cut taxes responsibly, spending cuts of something like $25 billion annually and then some would have to be implemented. Do you have ideas to cut state spending by that much? Or, would you cut taxes without cutting spending by that much, knowing that the shortfall has to be borrowed?

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