atrak-timb-runningman-msWhen I was 13 I took my bar mitzvah money and bought myself some turntables and a mixer. I practiced for about 18 hours a day. Then I came out of my basement, packed my lunch and won a bunch of world championships. Joy! I formed a DJ crew called the Allies with Craze and friends. We toured the world for a while… I guess I’ve been touring for the last 11 years. Time flies.

In the late 90’s my brother and I ran an indie hip hop label called Audio Research. Most of you now know my brother as the mustachioed half of Chromeo. But I digress. In 2004 Kanye West hired me as his official tour DJ and I’ve worked closely with him ever since, both on stage and off. Then last year Nick Catchdubs and I founded a new record label: Fool’s Gold, dedicated to bringing you the crème de la crop in club music. I also produced a bunch of tracks for Kid Sister and did a string of remixes for various gentlefolk. Expect some more A-Trak releases this year and I foresee an album in ze pipeline. Now let’s boogie woogie.atrak-coachella-light CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE

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