Frequency Partner’s up !

Snowboarding’s original coffee-table journal and true voice, frequency TSJ publishes four issues per year in limited editions. Covering snowboarding’s global travel, landscapes, and personalities, frequency is snowboarding’s true voice.

Cover price is $12.95(US), with a basic subscription rate of $39.99(US) for four books. frequency TSJ’s quality paper, cover stock, and award-winning printing and photography create permanent value. 9×11 inches, full-color, with limited advertising.To Subscribe or check out there link click on image!!l_ae185cdb3a7b4989afa2da36892cd5b71

Some of the features in this issue !!!6.4
Evan Chandler-Soanes
ECS doesn’t believe the hype. Choosing to stay close to home and shoot with longtime friends around Vancouver’s North Shore, his images tell a story of a tight crew with an intimate knowledge of their home mountain, riding round the clock and shredding everything in their paths.
“The Playgrounds Of Europe”
Lorenz Holder
Armed with a grip of flashes, tons of Euro-talent, and a get it done philosophy, Lorenz is one of the most talented photographers to come out of Europe in recent years. Shooting everything from pow slashers in the Alps to mini-shred in Eastern Europe, his unique take on new-school snowboarding is not to be missed.


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